Our History
Our company, BackSan L&T, is one of the leading companies in LED lighting field in Korea which was found in the year of 1991 and was changed to a corporation on the year of 2005. in order to pre-occupy world led market. on the other hand, we have a close cooperation with Korea Energy Management Corporation of energy rationalization projects for domestic market.
By doing all such activities, we trust that the strong passion for our future lead us to meet a valuable customer's demand anytime, anywhere in the world very soon.

Certificate Information
We have the quality certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, INNO-Biz and also own R&D center which possible to meet our valuable customer's demand such as new design & trend, complicated specification, additionally we have a strong confidence that our LED product is competitive pricewise.

Stock Information
Integrating Sphere System for measuring of total Luminous Flux.
Measurement of relative Liminous Flux according to CIE 84 & 127
Integrating Sphere Size Dia 100mm~3,000mm
Reflection Efficiency Max. 98%
Detector range . 0.001~1,000,000lm
Control software. NLIS

LED and health
Anion is the electric charged atom make us fresh like that of in the forest, waterfall, hot-spring. It lose electron, called Cationic, it acquires electron, called Anion. We produce LED stand by consolidating this anion, it is good for the students.
LED stand make improve concentration and learning ability. It makes air purification & deodorization indoor by releasing anion without light up of LED stand.

Contact Us
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